Saturday, October 27, 2007

Remember sleepovers?

Frank tore out of here at 8:00 last night to go spend the night at his friend's house. I was a little worried when he showed up at 9:30 again to grab something he forgot. He uses my old video camera to make rock videos and wrestling videos with his friends. I've got to figure out how to get them on here. You will most certainly laugh til a little pee comes out.

Here's some things I would do with my friends at sleepovers...
  • crank phone calls
  • stay up late
  • dress up (yes we actually did this)
  • watch soft-porn on Showtime
  • pretend to be members of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • eat
  • make weird things in the Easy Bake Oven (damn, that little light bulb got hot)

Friday, October 26, 2007


I was eating an apple in the car and I usually just hum the uneaten portion out the window when I'm done because, you know, it's biodegradable. So I'm cruising at 80 m.p.h. and I put down the passenger side window and chuck...but the apple did not want to go. It just ricocheted off the windshield and lodged itself it the corner of the dashboard. I was slightly miffed with my apple remnant at first, but then I started giggling. Silly apple, get out of there!

A few miles down the road I witnessed someone tossing banana peels out of their van window. (Somehow I thought I'd better avoid them so my car didn't slip.) It's nice to know recycling can happen anywhere.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cover of the latest Parent magazine

This was a spoof in the Weekly Standard. Enjoy!

Overdraft Fee=WTF?

Okay, so sometimes I overdraw my checking account. The bank is 'good' about the whole thing, because they always pay the check but they also charge my account $38! Are you kidding me?! That's a lot of moolah! And where do they come up with the seemingly arbitrary amount of $38? That sounds made up to me.

Also irritating is the $2.00-$2.50 charged at the ATM when it's a bank other than my own. C'mon, quit pulling my leg. It can't possibly cost the bank that much for my stupid $40 withdrawal. Although maybe if I hadn't taken that extra $40 then my account would not be overdrawn.

The Red Sox are currently losing...good. Those bums.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

As a kid in school I used to rage against the celebration of Columbus Day, believing first 'how can you discover land when people already live there?' and second 'if Columbus discovered the land then why is it named after someone else?' Teachers rolled their eyes but never had any sort of intelligent response.

Thanks to the internet and some minor searching I see that Amerigo Vespucci was a bit of a loser and sailed to what was being called the New World after Columbus to make his wealth in pearls. He returned unsuccessful but wrote a couple of books about the trip, the second of which was a fake. However, communication not being all that speedy in 1507 the second book was published with copies of a map indicating "America" on the land above Brazil. I guess they figured it was too late to change it, so we are America.