Monday, March 24, 2008

100 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Rosie had a great list on her web site and I thought this would be a good idea for me to help me get focused now that I'm done with grad school. Here's my list...

  1. get a full-time job
  2. knit something mathematical
  3. learn Spanish
  4. fast 4 times (that's 4 days, not in a row) (0/4)
  5. pay down at least 50% of my credit card debt
  6. try geo-caching
  7. go fishing 5 times (0/5)
  8. scrapbook my honeymoon photos
  9. buy a new laptop and pay cash
  10. write a children's book (0/1)
  11. donate 5 blankets to Project Linus (2/5)
  12. start a new mother/daughter project
  13. call 3 friends every month for one year (8/36)
  14. get tattooed
  15. recaulk the shower
  16. paint the doorway
Boy this is harder than I thought, stay tuned for additions.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shedding Winter

I met with the ladies from Ravelry for the first time last night. They were completely great [as to be expected]. It was a little awkward at first because there was a different group crocheting on the opposite side of the coffee shop and I only saw yarn so I went and sat with them. When it was pointed out to me that the Ravelry group was on the other side I got up and left. I hope they didn't feel shunned.

I've also been scrapbooking like a mad woman. I hadn't done any pictures since before last Easter. Chronologically the next pictures were the ones of Easter 2007 which was the last time Mike's Dad was with us before he passed [5 days later]. So I was feeling intimidated about doing those pages with the right amount of respect. I think they came out good. I'm past {sp? 'passed'?} that, and now I'm almost up to June.

Frank moved up again in Cub Scouts. We were so proud. We sat at a table with Mark [bio-dad] and Farlae [GF of bio-dad]. I like her a lot so I never mind seeing them. I just wish they would get married.

Easter is tomorrow and I get to see my sister!! I'm very excited!