Friday, May 29, 2009


sleep, don't allude me
i long for your tender kiss
come quickly to me

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dogswalk and Project Linus

I finished two more blankets for Project Linus. They were assembled from the squares that the beginning knitters at Mount Saint Mary College had created. It was a real drag putting them together. I will not do that in the future. It took me a year! Literally! If I had known they were going to make so many squares I would've just had them make blankets.

We went on the annual Dogswalk at Bear Mountain Park. Here we are with the Fothergills and Sox (short for Red Sox), Robbie, Nixon and Maggie. My mom was the photog so she's not in this pic, but she came with Maggie. The dogs did great and slept the rest of the day. The weather was decent, not too hot, and it rained only a bit towards the end. We were finished by 10:30. It's so neat to see all the different breeds of dogs there, especially the extremely large and small ones.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Travel Plans

DH and I are going to Atlantic City to celebrate out anniversary this year. In the process of looking for a reasonably priced room I came across this on a bed and breakfast search site.

This beautiful house is right at the top of my hill. It's such a great reminder of how beautiful my city was. It makes me so happy to see things turning around.
It's a bed and breakfast in Newburgh called The Pickerel Rush.