Friday, December 18, 2009

Frank and Mom

This is a beautiful picture that Frank came home with for me the beginning of 5th grade. I've had it hanging at my desk and since I had to vacate said desk today I'll take this opportunity to share some art. This is a picture of Frank and I sitting on the grass watching the sun set.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you

Thank you, Lord, for giving me this wonderful day. A day filled with splendor and sparkle. Thank you for giving me a roof and food and a precious family. Thank you for giving us your word as guidance and reminder to true happiness.

Thank you, to my husband, for being such a good husband. You are the Yin to my Yang. You are the rock to my whirlwind. Thank you for cooking and cleaning and working and being so silly. Thank you for being still.

Thank you, to my mother, for being a source of strength. Thank you for being a kind and firm mother. You have been a shining example of motherhood. Without your love I would have never been given such an insight to the love of the Lord.

Thank you, to my sister, for being things I am not. Thank you for loving my opposing nature. Thank you for being my teacher and my friend.