Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unconditional Love

I used to be a real hot-head when I was younger. Days were marked by ridiculous arguments, feelings of betrayal, outrage, and an occasional fistfight (over a boy, of all things!). I'm such a different person now I can barely remember the absurd justifications I had to behave in such manner. I would like to say that I changed as a result of getting older, but I have met a lot of people, older than me, who still live life this way. They nurse hurt feelings and plan ways of exacting revenge. This isn't a good way to live, it's not the path to happiness, I've never met anyone who behaves this way and is content.

The biggest changing factor in my life has been that I've come to know the Lord. Unconditional love only comes through Him. Once you learn what it looks like, how it feels and some minimal skills in self restraint you can begin to treat others with unconditional love too. Through this process people can begin to truly feel content and happy, under any circumstance.

When you rely on people to meet your needs you will be sorely disappointed. Only God can love you unconditionally and fill you to overflowing that you can share that love with those around you. Neighbors, coworkers, family, spouses, children, are all going to say or do something at some point that will cause you emotional pain or distress. If you don't have Jesus you're going to take those things to heart, but there's another way! Love them. You don't need to analyze anyone's thoughts or actions, you don't need to question motives or plan your next move. Just love them, truly, and pray that God will be with you to help you.