Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boy Are My Fingers Tired!

I have to remember to take pics of my projects in progress.

I'll be putting my sticks away for a few months so I wanted to hurry and get my Mom's socks done first. The first pair were a little big so this time I measured through at each check point so there wouldn't be any surprises.

Also, after my Mom-in-Law saw my Aunt's hat/scarf combo she wanted one too. I don't blame her, it's a very nice set.

I thank Kody for the pattern.

Now, until I get through this semester I won't be doing any more knitting.

By the way, my exam is on February 14, which is Valentine's Day, oh and it's also the same day I'm supposed to start teaching. [shoot me]


Rosie said...

Those are awesome socks! Good luck with the semester!!

Anonymous said...

mom said:
I love my new socks. I wore them again today :) Thank you very much!
maggie got a little fresh with one tonight. The sock stealing dog will not be allowed to steal these again...