Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ouch, that hurt.

Okay, so I've completed the exam. Rather, I'm done with the exam. Taking the exam this time was just a confirmation to myself that I need to move on. There was no way, without some sort of divine intervention, that I was going to pass. And that's okay. It's not for everyone, and certainly not for me. That doesn't even mean that I won't be getting a PhD. It just means I won't be getting this PhD.

I'll have a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Now, off to find a job!

On a side note, my mom and I have been making a dollhouse for the annual auction at Frank's school. It's just the sweetest thing. I've been knitting some mini bedspreads for the beds.

I'm afraid I have the knitting bug and now I wonder how people who love to knit ever manage to do anything else. It's a bit consuming. So much so that even the most basic things like fixing a meal become a bit of a bother because they cut into knitting time.

Change is exciting and painful all at the same time.


Rosie said...

DUDE I AM ONE OF THOSE KNITTERS. I knit all the time, and doing stuff like cooking or cleaning or even running to the store after work to get something turn into pains in the butts because I just want to get home and knit. Two nights ago, I watched TV and didn't do anything else, not even knit, and it felt so weird.

santina said...

Wait, you finished the exam yesterday so how do you know if you passed or not? Did you get the score back already. That test is so stupid. HATE HATE HATE.

mathcutie said...

Well, the exam was approximately 5 hours long and I only stayed for 1 hour. Of the first 6 questions I managed to write something for 2 of them [not that what I wrote was in any was correct].