Wednesday, June 4, 2008

15. Recaulk the shower

Oh-I'm so excited! I finished something off my list. Here's how to recaulk your tub.
  1. Shower! I mean REALLY well! Like, shave anything you want shaved. Lather, rinse and REPEAT, because you probably won't get a thorough soaking for at least another 2 days. Wipe the whole shower dry when you're done.
  2. Scrape out old caulk with a razor. You need to remove any old caulk completely or else the new caulk will never stick and get mold behind it and be completely useless The last guy that caulked our tub was a real slob and I think he was high so there was caulk e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I probably managed to scrape out 94% of it and anything else was on some surface that I wasn't going to caulk anyway so I can go back and clean it up later.
  3. Wipe area clean with Denatured Alcohol (found in the Paint aisle), vacuum up any loose bits.

  4. Wipe with Mildew Killer, wait a few minutes then wipe repeatedly with clean damp sponge--no soap!

  5. Let dry overnight (continue to smell for one more day)

  6. Tape off area you want to caulk. This may seem like a completely unnecessary step for some, but believe me, as soon as you cut that caulk tip it starts flowing like a river.

  7. Cut tip, and break inner seal by shoving something down into the tube through the hole you just cut (I used a coat hanger which didn't make a big enough hole so I had to squeeze very hard to get the caulk out).

  8. Insert tube of caulk into caulk gun. Squeeze a thin bead of caulk wherever you want it and smooth it (if needed) with your finger. Remove tape quickly!

  9. Let dry overnight (continue to smell for one more day)


Anonymous said...

Mom said:
You did a truly amazing job! It looks great. I love the tape idea!

Teenyterrors said...

good work, chicky!!! it's a good thing you didn't wait until it was hotter to recaulk the tub...or you'd be dropping flies!!! :D