Monday, June 23, 2008

Some stuff off the list

My Mom and I worked on a little scrapbook of her office move and I'm counting that as my mother/daughter project. However, we're also going to be taking Spanish together starting July 1, so that could probably count too. The truth is, I really like doing stuff with my Mom (and I know she reads this, but it's not 'lip service'). I've always liked just spending time with my family. I have girlfriends that I see and talk to occasionally, but it's just not the same. I'm a "Mama's Girl", hee hee.

Also, I've been working on my children's book a little and my sister is helping me edit it. Thanks Sis!

My hand feels a little better. I tried to crochet some squares together but I really need to take it easy. After just a few minutes my finger started painin' me again so I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor or not. I just hate going, it just ruins your whole plan for the day.

Frank has finished baseball and in August he's starting football! It's something he's been asking about for the last two years and since he's finally over 50 pounds I figured he could try it. This oughta be good!


santina said...

Hey I'm glad you're doing your goals! I also miss doing stuff with you guys :( I can't wait to hit the shore!

Anonymous said...

Mom Said:
I've always been a daughters girl! I prefer spending time with both of you than any other thing on earth! :)

Thora said...

Good to hear your hand is getting better - albeit slowly. Maybe it's sprained? Hope you and yours are well otherwise! :)

Teenyterrors said...


good to see your goals are getting completed. I know Mike said no quizzes....but if you practiced, it'll all stick in your head better. SO whenever you want to practice, I volunteer to be the guinea pig. and I won't LOL. :D

hope your hand gets better soon....I'm not too sure how you hurt it in the first place, but if it still gives you ouchies, you should probably go see the Dr.

my mommy's coming to visit me in August, maybe we can turn her over to the scrappy side!!!