Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dog Lover

I used to be a dog "liker". Dogs are just fine and I like having them around, but basically, they're expensive, they're smelly, and a pain in the neck to walk.

I was a dog lover when I was a kid, until I got bit. We had gotten a German Short-haired Pointer named Max from some people who had been neglecting him. God bless my Mom because we already had two other dogs at the time when we acquired Max. Max was totally sweet and I used him as a pillow. We would lay on the floor together and I would rest my head on him. Some other friends of the family had lost their dog, so we sent Max to live with them. It wasn't an ideal situation for Max because I think he spent a lot of time outside by himself. When we were visiting their house I was so excited to see Max and I made the mistake of getting on the ground in front of him and trying to hug him. Well, it spooked him a bit and he snapped and bit off the tip of my nose.

Boy was I surprised!

There were a couple of surgeries and some embarrassing scars, but you can hardly tell now if you look at my face. So since then I like dogs very much, from a respectful distance.

Even when Frank and I moved in with Mike and Nixon, I was a bit frightened that Nix would bite me or Frank. But, he really grows on me. He smiles, and makes this moaning sound when I leave him. Now that he's so old (15 this year) he's much less nervous than he used to be, he's pretty laid back and sleeps most of the time. My nurturing instinct makes me want to care for him and make sure he's healthy and comfortable. It makes me cry when I think he won't be with us some day, and I know that when he goes I'll want to have another dog, probably two.

Now I'm a dog lover again. Thanks Nix.

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