Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Variety of Birthdays

My baby boy turned 10! He told me he thinks his singing voice is changing and he's getting some "peach fuzz" under his arms. Friggin' hilarious. My mom made a BIG 10 cake and it was sooo delicious. We only had one piece left. She's such a trooper, the next day she made 30 cupcakes for him to take to school and share with his class. They were lemon flavored and they must have been a big hit because when I picked him up from school a couple of his classmates came up to me to tell me how good they were.

He got an entire arsenal of Nerf guns so he and his friends ran around like soldiers pretending they were simultaneously under attack and trying to protect something, I'm not quite sure what. But they seemed to have a great time.

If anyone is doing any shopping for my birthday I would like some wooden sock blockers. :)

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