Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back on the Wagon

About a year ago my doctor prescribed me a pill to help me not be such a moody bitch. It's been working really well, so of course I went off of them because as soon as I start to feel better I stop doing whatever it is that's making me feel better. I was doing well for a little more than a month, but then the dragon came out again, so I'm back to taking my med. For those of you in my sphere of influence I hope I haven't traumatized you. Unfortunately, Frank is probably the one to bear the brunt of my anxiety, so he'll have something to discuss with his therapist when he grows up.


mom said...

Don't be bitchy about your self, your'e such a wonderful Mom.

santina said...

I think it's good to give frank some therapist fodder. whatever you do to him, it'll be way better than whatever he'll have to discuss about Isobel.