Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Life is Good

At a gift shop in Hoboken I see there is a new product line out called "Life is Crap". It shows those not so shining moments in people's lives like going to the dentist, having no toilet paper in the public restroom or getting attacked by a bear. For those of us with a twisted sense of humor, they're hilarious. I tend to think life is really great. I mean it. Even though I may moan about work and some other stupid junk I find real enjoyment in simple things. I'm pretty content right now just sitting here typing to myself. Here's some other things that make me happy (in no particular order)...

* soup, I just love soup, especially pumpkin or squash with a little sour cream in it

* reading with Frank

* snuggling with my Schmoopie

* colored chalk, paper, markers, basically all office/craft supplies make me happy

* that feeling you get when you know you can sleep as long as you like in the morning because you have absolutely no other commitment (this is extremely rare)

This is all for now. ;-)

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