Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Reveal

I was knitting Priscilla's Dream Socks for my mom for Christmas, but I think she may have seen them at my house a couple of times so I finished them up and gave them to her for her birthday. I like this pattern because I've done the baby version a few times and I'm really comfortable with working the heel in short rows. I must have done a lousy job blocking because when they dried (laid out flat on a towel!) they were twice the previous size. Some naughty elves came in at night and played tug-o-war with them! I hope we can fix them.


Rosie said...

What kind of yarn did you use? Some yarns "bloom" when blocked and you have to be really careful. Are you a loose knitter? That could cause the socks to grow when blocked also. I know Santina is a kind of loose knitter. Maybe it runs in the family :)

mom said...

I adore my socks. They are really soft.
Thank You Alot

santina said...

are they like sock slippers now?
that could be nice... :)