Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last weekend we went and saw Beowulf in the 3-D Imax. It was completely awesome. It was really action packed and the story was unusually tragic. However, the entire film was computer generated so occasionally the characters had this weird "Shrek-like" motion to them. But that was trumped by the delightfully evil Angelina Jolie. It would have made for a better story to have John Malkovich be evil as well, but the way he fell subservient to the heroic Beowulf made the tragic Beowulf character seem even more pathetic. It was very good.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We'll probably put up our Christmas tree on Friday. It's a good day for it because I certainly wouldn't be shopping and we're all off from school. We usually take it down the day after Christmas. This may seem Scrooge-related, but not at all! I just like to have my livingroom back.

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santina said...

The first half of beowulf was pretty awesome, but the second half when it diverts utterly from the original text was just weird. My son the dragon? what's with that?