Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frank's book review

So Frank and I went to the library yesterday to get the next DSA [Dragon Slayer's Academy] book. I was showing him how to look up a book and how to find it on the shelf by looking for the number. He wanted to look up a book on World War II, in the adult non-fiction section. So here's what he came up with...

1. Pick up the nearest book of 125 pages or more.
A book from the library.
2. State the title and author of the cook.
The Kaiser and His Court, The Diaries, ,Note books and Letters of Admiral Georg Alexander von Muller, Chief of the Naval Cabinet 1914-1918, Edited by Walter Gorlitz
3. Find page 25.
4. Type in the first 5 sentences.
27th August, 1914 Uncertainty as to the situation in East Prussia where we have gone over to the attack once more. Uncertainty, too, as to whether we shall be able to outflank the English on the Western Front. By and large not a very cheerful day.
28th August, 1914 This evening news came through that strong English naval forces suddenly penetrated the Heligoland Bight and forced our reconnaissance units to retire. In the engagement Ariadne and V-187 sunk, Fraunenlob and Hela damaged. Many dead and wounded, the losses of the English are unknown....
5. Find page 100 and type in the first, second and fifth word on the page.
come, too, blame

It's not just that he got this book, he's actually reading it. He got through all of the first chapter, he read it to me in the truck on the way to the mall. It spurned some discussion including which countries were attacked by Germany during the war, and also suicide. Heavy read for a 9-year old.

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