Monday, April 28, 2008

Roller Skating and Tag

Last night Mike, Frank and I accompanied the church youth group to go roller skating. It was completely awesome. It only took me once or twice around before I got the hang of it again. Frank is so brave. He fell and hurt his wrist more than three times, but he didn't want to quit. He held the rail for most the time and he made it around at least ten times. He wants to go back again, which is fine with me because it was great exercise. My glutes were burnin'.

I was recently tagged by Rosie to answer a short book survey:

MEME Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book of 125 pages or more.
This would be the book I am currently reading.
2. State the title and author of the cook.
Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison
3. Find page 25.
4. Type in the first 5 sentences.
Snort was getting bigger, too. He had learned how to sit up on his own, and he crawled around after me. He lived in a pen with rubber mesh sides. I took him out when he yelled and if he became a pest I put him back. Occasionally, I would flip his pen upside down so Snort was in a jail with a roof.
5. Find page 100 and type in the first, second and fifth word on the page.
"Well, you, And
6. Tag 5 people
I don't know if this will result in anything, but:
  1. Mike
  2. Mom
  3. Tina (Ha-Ha, you're tagged twice now!)
  4. Thora
  5. Frank

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