Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"What's Asberger's?"

Frank may have seen it in the book titles at home, or maybe he heard it at school but either way there it was..."Mom, what's asberger's?" I'm pretty good about keeping a nondescript look on my face while I'm thinking as fast as my neurons will fire. So I told him that "Asberger's" is just a word that describes how his brain works and it helps me and his teacher to know how to teach him.

He seemed pretty satisfied with that. Who knows, maybe after it kicks around in his brain he'll be repeating it in the library for the first graders like the time I told him what an X-rated movie was. Only I probably won't get a call from the principal for his knowledge on Asberger's.

Motherhood is good. Never a dull moment.

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