Monday, May 12, 2008

Of blankets and clowns

Here's another blanket donation for Project Linus. It was my first crochet project and it was so wonderful and soft that I'm making another one right now to keep.

My friend Arlene {Teeny Terrors} has introduced me to a scrap booking community at Ally Scraps. I'm all excited about scrapbooking again, but I have to figure out a good way to post my layouts so I can share them with you.

Here's a great pic of Frank and his friends at the park. They spend most of the time just running around yelling at each "Justin, go the other way! The guards will see you there!" and "Frank! grab you're spy case and meet me by the rock wall!" They wouldn't make very good spies. They're at that in between stage now, where they're not really grown, but they play with action figures less.

Just for fun, here's Mike drinking his coffee on the train.
My mom got us all tickets for the circus and we took the train into the city. The circus is really entertaining. It was almost nothing like what it was when I was a kid. Frank's favorite part was the motorcycle riders in the steel cage. They managed to get 7 riders in there, but as they were slowing down one fell and hurt his ankle and had to be carried out. It was very scary! We didn't know how they were going to "go on with the show" after that. But the riders, just closed the door again after the injured party left and went around the steel cage again with 6 of them. I didn't know how Frank (and all the other kids in the audience) would take it, but they seemed to bounce back okay.

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Teenyterrors said...

awwww...what a cute has the scrapping bug bit you??? I hope so~~~ :Ddid you see what I went through last week??? hope your mother's day was less entertaining.