Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost Christmas

I'm such a blog slacker. Let me say some things, I'm using my credit card for Christmas, so that debt repay thing is on hold for now. I'm knitting my first sweater and it's coming out great so far. I'm using this very soft purple alpaca I bought in New Paltz and I love it. Frank thinks he's getting an Xbox AND a laptop for Christmas. NO. (He also still believes in Santa, even though I told him there isn't one). Here's a few pics to keep you busy...

Frank on a first trip to Baltimore.

On the day we returned from Baltimore we saw Mariano Rivera at the Cracker Barrel in Fishkill, NY. He was totally gracious. He spoke with anyone who wanted to speak with him and he gave autographs and let me snap this picture. We didn't get an autograph because by the time Frank asked they were already eating and I didn't want to be pushy.

Here are the NY Yankee socks I knit for Mike. They came out okay. I can see how you would want to intarsia with straight needles only. And stranding just sucks. I think he likes them. He says he does, but he hasn't worn them yet. It's such a gamble when you knit something for a guy. He always wears the scarf I made him, and he's not a big fan of socks to start, so maybe he's just saving them for a special occasion.

On our second trip to Baltimore we were there to see the play that my artistic sister designed the sets for. She's a bit of a complainer (hee, hee, just kidding), but she did a fantastic job. There's no way any pics of the sets would've done any justice, so just take my word for it that they were awesome!

A trip to NYC to see Canstruction. All donated foods go to City Harvest.


Arlene said...

wow, I didn't know you guys were in BALTIMORE!!!!! :O

those socks are cool, I think Mike would LOVE anything you made for him because the love of his life made it for him!!!! tell him I said that and see how he reacts!!!! :D

SOOOOO cool You guys saw Mariano Rivera!!! My nephew would kill to meet him!!!

it was really nice seeing you at church today....I decided to give my 2 weeks notice in Feb....after the girls' bdays (pretty smart of me, huh?) SOOOO after Valentines day I will have weekends free to scrapbook!!! what do you think, do you see a scrappy get together happening???

Newburgh Restoriation said...

Cool socks!

santina said...

Me? A complainer? Oh Nay, you jest!